We often hear the term Search Engine Optimisation or S.E.O. banded about what does it actually mean? The search engines publish guidelines which basically relate to what they are looking for when the search engine bots crawl the web and how they decide who ranks where.

These guidelines basically break down in to two areas.


This is elements within the site its self and is often referred to as onsite SEO and is often the easiest to have a direct impact on. When we talk about content we are referring to:

  • Valid Code.
  • The Structure of the site.
  • Rich text content including blog posts.
  • Images and other media on the site.


This refers to how the rest of the internet sees your website, do other sites link to yours, do the use appropriate anchor text (The word linked to your site is better being a keyword than click here), how popular are the sites that link to your site etc.

Credibility can be effected by:

  • Back links
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts about your site.