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Powerful Homepage Links

We set high standards for where we’ll place links, but sometimes you need something stronger to rank your keywords, and the best way is to get high Domain Authority Homepage links.

Over the last few years, we’ve developed relationships with site owners in nearly every niche. After you give us your URLs and keywords, we go out and manually contact these publishers and place the links for you.

As you can see from the stats, these sites are authoritative:

  • 20% Moz DA 15-20 (≈ PR1 or PR2)
  • 55% Moz DA 20-30 (≈ PR2 or PR3)
  • 25% Moz DA 30+ (≈ PR3 or PR4+)
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How it all works


Step 1

Simply, provide us with your keywords, URLs, and any special instructions.

Step 2

Using 100% blogger outreach, we contact publishers and place your links on their sites.

Step 3

We deliver a fully transparent report on your new links within 30 days.

World Class Customer Support

We have a worldwide team of customer advocates on standby to support you so that all your questions get an answer, fast.

World Class Customer Support

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Money Back Guarantee

Time is money right?

We all know that link building is annoying and takes up a lot of your precious time but you have to do it because outsourced link building is usually done badly. Here, we are different, we power some of the biggest inbound agencies in the world. With us, you’ll know exactly when you’re going to receive your report.

We Guarantee It. Our 100% Money Back Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you’ll get your report on time, every time.

Money Back Guarantee


Do you have links for my niche?
Yes. We have enough inventory from thousands of campaigns we have run already… If for some reason we don’t, we’ll let you know when you order.

Are all the sites WP sites?
No, they are not all WP sites, although with WP powering 30%+ of all sites on the internet, some will be.

Are sites in same niche as money site?
We try to get as close to your niche as possible, if it is not in your niche it will be very close.

How many outbound links will there be on the sites?
The number of OBL varies a lot, just like any site. Most only have just a couple links, however we don’t have a specification on it as it is up to the site owner.

Will my link be next to any pharma, adult or casino links?
Only if you are building links for a pharma, adult or casino site, otherwise definetly not.

Do all the links have to be from the same domain or same niche?
No. You can use any links / anchor / niche combos that you want. We do recommend buying at least 5 links per site though to see any significant movement.

How many sites do you have relationships with?
Over 10,000 sites and growing. We only place your links on the best ones.

If you don’t own these sites, how do you guarantee they are permanent?
All links are audited on a regular basis. If a link goes down we replace it with a link of equal or better quality. This is a manual process to ensure the replacement links are done as soon as possible. If you find a link is down, please just contact our support and we’d be glad to help you out!

What is the average link DA for the 5, 10 and 20 package?
Average DA 20-30 with a minimum of DA15 for every site.

Do you recommend keyword anchor text for these or URL/brand?
To keep things natural, we suggest focusing on natural and branded keywords pointed to high traffic pages to drive as much authority as possible in the safest way.

Do the links I get go up in my dashboard so I can keep track?
Yes, reports are available in your Dashboard.

Are these links blocked from the link research tools?
No they’re not blocked. You will see them using your chosen back link checker.